A gradually rising stock market,

A gradually rising stock market

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A gradually rising stock market, There is no big fuss in the results of big companies in America. It also affected our market. Also, for the last five days, foreign institutional investors have been continuously buying shares. By selling shares

The day before yesterday, they sold shares worth Rs 3,115 crore. Thus. In the morning our stock markets started with losses. Then, after gradually building up the line of good news, profits were made

The contribution of direct tax collection to our country’s GDP has increased to 6.11 percent. This is the highest in the last 23 years, said the Direct Collection Board

The economy of our country will touch the value of 5 lakh crore dollars in the coming financial year 2024-25. Union Petroleum Minister Hardeep Puri said that our economy will touch $10 trillion by 2030.

With French President Emmanuel Macron as the Republic Day guest, talks on a comprehensive trade deal between India and the European Union will reach a new high, said the Center for International Trade Studies. Similarly, the trade between India and France is also expected to improve

This year and next year, our country will be the fastest growing economy due to additional financial investments by the government. A private sector report said that inflation will not increase further

Together with these, during trading hours, vehicles, information technology, capital goods, consumables,

Metals, oil, gas and power sectors closed with good gains.

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