Business news,Wipro complaint against ex-vice president

Business news,Wipro complaint against ex-vice president

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Business news,Wipro complaint against ex-vice president, In Tamil Nadu, 30 industries, including aerospace and defense, agriculture and food processing technology, artificial intelligence, electric vehicle, have high demand and market opportunities, according to the industry department.

A Separate website for the benefit of entrepreneurs in tamilnadu

Therefore, the government has decided to launch a separate website for each of the above industries for the benefit of entrepreneurs who are starting new businesses.

On the website, there will be information about each department and concessions given by the government.
The work of creating, the website is being carried out by the Tamil Nadu government’s ‘Start Up TN’ company. At present in-charges have been appointed for each department.

Startups can register on the website. Through this, all the companies, belonging to the same industry will be brought together and a monthly consultation meeting will be held.

In it, it has been informed that the request of the companies will be heard and help will be given.

Wipro’ complaint against ex-vice president

Wipro has filed a complaint against its former senior vice president in a US court for alleged misconduct. Mohammad Haq was working as a vice president in Wipro Corporation since 2010. 

After Natap Pandu was promoted to Senior Vice President, he resigned from that post and joined rival Cognizant as Senior Vice President last August. However, in Wipro’s complaint, it has been stated that Haq has seven files containing confidential information related to Wipro in his possession.

Scientists invented soilless cultivation method

Scientists from Sweden have developed electrically conductive soil.
This leads to an average growth of 50 percent more barley seedlings in 15 days.
This soilless cultivation method, known as ‘hydroponics’, uses an electrically transduced root system.

‘Due to population increase and climate change, existing agricultural methods are not enough for high grain production, so scientists have said that they have developed this modern system.

Renewable energy investments will increase

Next year, renewable energy investments in the country will increase by 83 per cent to Rs 1.37 lakh crore, the Ministry of Energy has estimated. It has been reported that various measures are being taken to reduce carbon emissions. India has set a target of 500 GW renewable energy generation by 2030.

Make in India 2.0′ focuses on 27 sectors

To increase the country’s exports and reduce imports, the Department of Industry and Domestic Trade Development (DPID) is working with 24 small sectors including aluminum, agrochemicals, textiles and textiles, the Union Ministry of Commerce said.

At present, the ministry has stated that 27 sectors are being focused on through the ‘Make in India 2.0’ program and is working towards increasing employment.

Infosys shares fall on A.I., deal break-up

In yesterday’s stock market trading, shares of ‘Infosys’ saw a decline of almost 2.60 percent. Infosys had signed an MoU with a global company last September.

Under the deal, Infosys was to provide artificial intelligence solutions worth around Rs 12,450 crore for a period of 15 years. Now the global company has decided to terminate this MoU. Subsequently, Infosys shares fell.

Bharat Electronics contract for Rs.445 crore

‘Bharat Electronics’ has signed an agreement worth Rs 445 crore with the Uttar Pradesh government.

State-of-the-art hardware, artificial intelligence-based software tools and cyber security solutions for the ‘Dial 112’ program of Uttar Pradesh government’s emergency response system are to be provided under this contract.

Bharat Electronics received orders worth Rs 2,673 crore last week. So far in the current financial year, the company has received orders worth Rs 26,613 crore.

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