Can you explain about stock market clearly?

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stock market Before I give you the answer to this, some facts about money. Money has no value. If the government thinks so, it can print and circulate as many as it wants in accordance with the RBI recommendations.

stock market idea is the way to increase money

Saving money alone will not make you rich. Money is a type of bill of exchange given to us by our government to buy the things we need in our daily lives. And saving this will not make you rich.the 10 rupees we have is 100 and the stock market is way.

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Isn’t it confusing, let’s explore a bit.

Let’s say you go to the store today and buy 1 pound of jewelry.

Let its price be 200. If it’s really worth it, next year I’ll pay the same amount to buy 1 pound of jewelry. But if you go and ask next year, they will say its price is 250. Here it means that the value of gold has not increased but the value of our money has decreased.

In 1970 the value of gold was 200 but today it has gone to several thousand and the value of money is decreasing.

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I think you know him very well

I think you know about him well, so let me tell you about him. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala started investing in the stock market in 1985 with his 5000 rupees. Today his wealth is worth 8,000 crores.

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For example, if you bought 10 shares of Infosys at the IPO price in 1993 (95 per share) for just 10 shares at 950, let’s examine what its value would be today.

So far the company has split its brands 8 times.

10 x 95 = 950.00

950 x 8 = 7600.00

734.25 (Today’s Market Value)

735.25–95 = 639.25×7600 = 4,85,830.00

950 value that day has multiplied this much today because of the growth of the company, so if your money value increases, you can become rich.

This is how Rakesh Jhunjhunwala made his money even if it is unbelievable.

You can make money here only if you have deep knowledge about stock market.

If you invest in the stock market because of other people’s encouragement, chances of losing money are high.

People who make investment in stock market as a profession will not lose because money alone is not enough to start a business one needs knowledge about it is something known by all entrepreneurs.

The truth is that all the losers here are gambling in the name of investment without any knowledge about it and losing their money.

Only 5% people make it career and other 95% lose money due to ignorance.

Today’s stock market is a good example of this. Because the rise of the stock market when the growth of the country is suffering is a paradox.

The 5% who made the profit predicted the stock market crash and took their investments and exited.

Most of the 95% people throw their money there without knowing about the economy. Surely the time will soon come when they will regret this.

Let me say from the beginning that I don’t know much about the stock market…I will tell you what I know.. Making money in the stock market depends on the past performance and financial status of the companies.. If you are investing in a company at least one year worth of valuations is necessary. After that small amount should be invested on long term investment basis. Short term investment is always risky. More money in the short term equals earning more trouble in the short term

I hope you find the information useful.

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