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if you were alive in the 90s then you probably remember the rise of internet explorer it was the first real web browser,

The empire that had dominated the computer for 27 years with the advent of internet explorer collapsed.



after netscape and it dominated our online world well we can now welcome internet explorer to the 27 club it seems everyone who’s ever truly left something behind or remember has passed at the age of 27.


jimi hendrix janice joplin kurt gobain amy winehouse and now internet explorer has celebrated his 27th birthday in an internet burial granted you can still use explorer but microsoft has announced that there will be no more security updates,

companies out there who used internet explorer’s

for our old blue friend now why is this so important do a lot of us really care that internet explorer is going away i know some do but let’s be honest you likely used explorer to download a different browser, and then never used it again but this is not the case for a lot of different organizations, out there which is why this might be very important for you you see there are myriads of companies out there who used internet explorer’s.

web-based apps to manage their companies in some way for example some automotive repair companies out there use a tool called automotive flashing which is an explorer dependent program to run vehicle diagnostics.


person in green shirt wearing white mask

there’s also specific equipment used in the medical field that was built around explorer they have machines like mris for example that run through some web-based programs and they use explorer, because they never needed to be updated they never had to pay these developers hundreds of thousands of dollars, to create these programs they just launched the page fire up the machine and now they’re gonna need a replacement not only that but every military pc runs explorer,

as do most government, pcs so microsoft may have just brought our entire government down just kidding wouldn’t that be great though there are some government mapping sites that require internet explorer. in order to even use them and without it you can’t use these government maps.

which means that if there are any entrepreneurs out there who want to capitalize on this event it might be a good idea to come up with a secure system. that can be used in chrome or edge or even opera and sell it to these companies, that are losing their old tried and true browser now even though explorer is recently unsupported, there. is still going to be an internet explorer compatibility mode in microsoft edge,

for a while which means that if you are using programs or you’re on a site that requires explore you can still use edge for the time being to access those pages and programs but nobody knows how long that feature, was going to remain in place microsoft might be trying to lure everybody. over to edge and this could work if someone else doesn’t step up and find a replacement themselves that might entice these companies,

access those pages and programs but nobody knows how long that feature,

you may ask how many companies are even using explorer and that’s a good question only 0.3 percent of businesses use explore, web-based apps to run their services but this is still a large pool that needs help so if you’re a programmer i recommend you reach out to local doctors offices government facilities and even local businesses and see if they need a replacement because this could be very lucrative for you now i do have some fun facts about internet explorer,


for those out there who are sad to see it go we can take a little bit of time now to bow our heads in remembrance and laugh together as we send this historic browser off to the great beyond the first thing i didn’t know was that internet explorer has an anime mascot. there’s actually a pretty epic video that microsoft made in 2013 debuting the character, and i hate to admit how badass she is i kind of wish there was a whole show about this girl and i’ll leave that video in the description microsoft.


was actually very self-aware when it came to this little blue browser i have another video for you that they made called ther youtube channel back in 2012. it’s pretty funny initially but it turns pretty cringy and out of touch very quickly another interesting fact, that i didn’t know was internet explorer is why web browsers are free back in the day if you wanted to go online you had to buy a web package that had a browser,

on the disk or as part of the product once microsoft. started bundling explorer into windows other browsers had to get competitive without this browsers. might be something you would have had to pay for due to ie coming stock on windows microsoft was actually sued by the united states government for maintaining an unlawful monopoly in the pc market microsoft.

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internet explorer for e-commerce this is because the law requires e-commerce

was found guilty and would have had to split the company in half one for software and then the other for developing operating systems but the order was overturned and microsoft got to keep both, under the same umbrella another fun fact was an easter egg in explorer 4 if you typed about colon mozila, into the surf bar the infamous blue screen of death would appear on your screen which was a pretty funny kick to the new firefox browser. that had just come out here’s what i didn’t expect there’s a law in south korea,

that requires people to use internet explorer for e-commerce this is because the law requires e-commerce to make use of activex plugins which only internet explorer can support, so the news that microsoft is letting it go might throw their system on its head as well here’s a funny one an australian retailer by the name of kogan implemented a tax on customers who used the internet explorer browser.


customers buying from their site using ie7 would have to pay an extra 6.8 sure charge they said that this tax was to make up for the extra time and resources that their it team used just to properly display their site on the outdated browser internet explorer made its debut august 16th 1995. the final version was released in october 2013 and microsoft has ended its updates june 15 2022 if i have a favorite moment with this browser it has to be when i downloaded chrome for the first time on my brand new freshly built pc and explorer said in all caps you know explorer is faster right it was begging me to stop we have a lot to thank explorer for even though many of us found it as a nuisance outdated bloatware it’s a symbol of history and to be thankful.

green and black stripe textile

for its many years of service is appropriate before we go i have six of the best internet explorer  jokes so let’s send our little blue friend off with a bang if internet explorer were a cyber criminal it would hack its own account and forget the password an internet explorer user was recently mugged by a snail a turtle and a sloth when reporters asked him if he could describe the muggers he responded not very well it all happened so fast a man’s mind is like internet explorer there,

are at least nine tabs open three of them are frozen and you have no clue where the music is coming from what do dora the explorer and internet explorer have in common they both take 20 minutes to perform a simple task, how to hide important files from people without making hidden folders step 1. go to your desktop and make a new folder named internet explorer step 2 change the folders icon to internet explorer step 3 keep it in your favorite corner of the desktop.

nobody will ever find your darkest secrets and the last one if internet browsers were girlfriends firefox is like that freaky chick that lets you do anything in bed but has a lot of baggage that weighs you down often you’re caught considering those pros and cons when evaluating staying with her chrome on the other hand is the chick that’s half your age she’s full of young spunky attitude she’s just as freaky as firefox,

but also has just as much baggage only she hides that fact better opera, is a really great gal she’s a certified, milf but very set in her ways you do things her way or no way internet explores like that woman pushing, 40 who was totally a hot babe back in the day but she can’t accept her aging looks with grace she still tries to stay relevant with the younger generation,

out all night asleep all day when it might be better to just kick back a little instead edge is internet explorer’s super hot and sexy daughter reminiscent of her mom back in the day but her beauty is generic and superficial there’s not much depth in her character thank you all so much for joining me and sending off her little blue friend he might be missed maybe but not by me bye guys thanks…

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