How does the stock market fool the common man?

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The stock market does not fool anyone. It is increasing or decreasing day by day. But if he trades on guesswork he is often disappointed and may not achieve. A common man can be smart without trading based on a set of rules.

I would like to give a few examples

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Suppose there are hundred students in a class. Only 10 good students are put on the stage and other 90 students sit down….. Stock market is like a school which advertises that all the students of this class are brilliant intellectuals and excites the desire of parents….that is my humble opinion… because when there are thousands of listed companies in the stock market, it is good.

The common man’s money is often wasted and lost in the above gambling with 50 performing companies. If those 50 companies make profit they say profit aga ogo.. if any one of them makes loss then they throw it out of the list… what a hypocrisy… 1 rupee earned by hard work is bigger than 1 crore rupees earned in stock market (hitting someone else’s stomach..

If a this question is wrong

The job of the stock market is not to fool anyone if this question is wrong.

You should think of buying a share in the stock market as if you were buying a piece of land.

Before we buy land, we buy it after looking at the land owner, villangam, patta chitta. What do we do if someone gives us cheap land?

Similarly, the stock market should be thoroughly researched and acted upon.

If you buy quality company stocks and be patient you can profit.

Not everyone can clear the IAS exam but those who study hard for it do. Similarly, those involved in the stock market will get success if they work hard.

A person who tries to engage in stock market trading business without learning the basics of stock trading is a fool. Now your question is answered..

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