How to buy shares in the stock market for the first time?

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How to buy shares in the stock market for the first time? How do you know when it’s going up or down?

Many eyes are back on the stock market.

In today’s environment, many people’s eyes are back on the stock market.

So the questions related to stock market also get more space.

Most of the answers to this say that you have to get into the water to learn to swim.

But let me say it a little differently.

No one should try to learn swimming on their own. Learn under the supervision of people who know how to swim. Or if you want to learn to swim on your own, learn to swim in a place that is shallow enough to not drown you.

This means, with the help of people who know about the stock market or with the help of related books, websites, trusted YouTube sites, etc.

Learn to invest in shallow equity shares first.

Don’t engage in day trading which can be said to be deep intraday directly. You are definitely at risk of drowning.

Don’t rely entirely on Telegram groups and YouTube sites. Check their data for at least one month to see if their predictions are correct.

Buy debt free stocks

Consider production and net profit, book value, EPS etc.

Keep track of Reserve and Surplus details and Asset Value etc.

Keep track of how much foreign companies and mutual fund companies and investors who may be founders of the company have invested in the shares of that company.

At most 15 to 20% profit sell a certain amount of shares. Keep an eye on the company.

There is always an upswing that is sure to be followed by a downswing.

Look out for good company stocks

Stocks during those downturns.

But if you buy at the last point of decline you can see additional profit. Because that is the starting point of the next upheaval. But finding this out can only be gained on the basis of experience. Difficulty too.

If you jump into this sea thinking that someone is giving you tips, surely small fish will be your food, but you are small fish to big whales. So you are more likely to fall prey to it.

Day trading is as dangerous as eating volcanic lava mashed into rice.

A five-foot pool is fine for a six-foot non-swimmer to learn to swim alone.

So under no circumstances divert hundred percent of your income to this side.

Only five to ten percent is enough. Don’t be greedy.

If you have enough mind you can avoid losses. Let me reiterate.

There is a high risk of losing money. Think a thousand times and not a hundred times and decide.

You don’t have to stop at learning to swim. You can take a bath in a bucket of water at home.

So bathers can bathe as per their choice.

But I’ll say it again. Don’t get fooled by trusting others.

Think to yourself a thousand times.

It’s your choice.

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