Why traders hesitated in the stock market yesterday

How to find a good growth stocks..!

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How to find a good growth stocks from thousands of stocks in the stock market? How to find out which stock companies have a future in the future, you can see in this post..

The first is to be debt free, and the second is to have plenty of reserves

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First impotent stocks Debt free. Cash rich.

They are the pioneer company with the highest percentage of market share in their products — Highest percentage of market share.

Must be operating profitably for at least 10 years.

The rate of return will continue to rise for at least three years.

The rate of sales should be continuously increasing for at least three years.

Annual sales are greater than the value of the company. Sales greater than market capital. Dividend will be given every year.

The quarterly (quarterly-50 days) price of the stock may be ahead of the annual price (annually -200 days). It is called golden cross. Going down is dangerous. It is called death cross.

The promoter holding should not be less than 40% of the total share value with the founders.

Founders should not mortgage the share. Even if the mortgage remains intact, the business must be stable enough to repay the mortgage. Conversely, if the founders are pledging the stock and returning it, that’s good news.

Avoid stocks with return on equity less than 10% and return on capital employed less than 10%. More than 15% is better.

It is better to avoid buying stocks priced below ten rupees. Classified as penny stocks, they are more likely to become junk.

It is necessary to repeat what has been said so far

If you look at the stocks listed on the stock exchange, it does not cross double digits. There is a chance to win in the stock market if you take a single digit of it and monitor it like a snake.

Enough is said now. There are many more criteria than this. But all of them can be complicated. Easier said now. But when you try it, it turns out to be a real problem.

I have posted here what I have learned about the stock market elephant. It is not a definitive or definitive methodology.

Everyone has to find their own unique way to succeed in the stock market. Only it will succeed there.

You can only succeed if you make your own way. Following the path of the next person is the story of the mud horse going down the river.

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