Meenakshi temple Madurai

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The India (tamilnadu) very most old temple Madurai meenakshi temple Interesting information about, the pandyas one of the three ancient kingdoms in the south of India was a Pandiyan kingdom who ruled over Tamil Nadu until the end of the 15th century,

Madurai meenakshi temple Interesting information about

Gorka was their capital but then the capital was moved to Madurai the pandyas expanded the kingdom, and controlled the districts which are known as Madurai and Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, was divided between the Pallavas and the pandyas the pandiyan Empire was established by the Emperor Cadogan in the 6th century, the pandyas excelled in trading through the Seas from Ganesh Cody and punku HOD which spread as far as Rome and Greece all the way up to China Malaysia and Maldives the pandyas produced, the finest pearls along the South Indian coast the pangaean kingdom,

was often subdued during clashes with the Pallavas and the Cholas this happened because as their kingdom expanded their neighbors feeling threatened by them attacked several pangaean Kings helped in the revival of the pandyas, but it was Maha Varman kulasekhara who led this revival after his death. his two sons Sandra, and Veera, fought against each other for the throne the Delhi Sultanate,

masterpieces of Dravidian architecture designed

took advantage and great of the kingdom which ended the pandiyan rule a medic Simon temple is one of the masterpieces of Dravidian architecture designed, based on the human body built by many generation of pandian rulers the temple sits on a 16 acres of land there are 13 towers which is also serves as entrances into this temple, Culebra pandian the grandfather of a queen meenakshi constructed a small temple with the Lingam, around 300 BC meenakshi drained the pond deer kingdom and ordered the massive construction of this temple the temple was further expanded by the newer generation of pandian kings.

by clearing the forest of Kadamba trees Kadamba card the temple was partially destroyed by the Muslim invader Malika food in 1310 ad a restoration project was undertaken by vishwanadh Inayat, 1559 to 1600 who also added many new structures to the temple the temple is designed, based on the human body there are five entrances based on the human senses like a see hear smell taste and touch there are nine smaller entrances to the inside complex that denote the nine art pieces of human body two eyes two nostrils – here’s mouth Beauty Rhea and Anna’s in a Hindu culture,

it is believed that air travel include these nine entrances was the soul itself if the earth stopped flowing your soul would leave the body the streets of Madurai are constructed as a concentric circles there are five outer covers ranging from 147 feet to 170 feet high the tallest is the southern tunnel which is 170 feet tall there are nine smaller towers inside the temple complex, all the tourists have a huge gateways at the bottom to allow visitors these towers are made up to nine stories of a hollow chambers inside for a priest and sculptors to do worship and operations the mid portion on the table Assad and decorated with the stucco work up thousands of deities every 12 years these figures are bird repainted andreconstructed the top level of the troubles are alone with the fierce monster 80s these fierce figures are considered to God and support the top level this is the biggest to halt in the temple.

thousand pillars however it only has nine hundred and eighty five pillars,

brown concrete building with waters between

it was built in 1569 AD by ariana the moodily are ariram called van means the all of thousand pillars however it only has nine hundred and eighty five pillars in the center of this hall there are huge statues of Nataraja and silla gommi it is also called the chickpea resume at the roof of the entrance to this hall there are sculptures which illustrate the 60-year cycle of the tunnel calendar the meenakshi amman idol is called out of a green stone presumably jade some people think it is made up of emerald hence meenakshi is also called Moraga rambha our market of early modern rhythm is the tamil word for emerald however the statues too large to be built entirely of emerald or jade is perhaps the best guess taking picture of this Idol is prohibited so you’re not going to see Meenakshi Amman.

instead you can watch this elephant the distinctive feature of a statue use its eyes the eyes are very beautiful and mysterious and Meenakshi is indeed a very apt name for her mean means fish and eyes is Akshay there is a comment directly on top of this shrine which is plated with the gold even though it is well-documented dead this structure was constructed in 1569 AD by aria nada Medallia, there is an interesting local folklore once upon a charm Yadav.

appeared before the main Akshay and challenged her to a SWAT fine action after them because it was only as a tall as a one-year-old however the Daath insisted that he could defeat anyone in a fire so she summoned aha me captain, to fight with this door to a surprise the dog defeated the army captain in seconds and killed him Meenakshi realized that the dog was the magical powers so she gave him an impossible challenge.

he had to build the structure with the thousand builders in a day if he succeeded it would be Meenakshi stone to build a similar structure the dog started chanting mantras and the nearby mountain split into rectangular rocks and a pillar he started arranging the pillars and tools to dawn he had to set up the structure with the 985 pillars only 15 pillars were remaining so he took a LAN deciding to wake her when the first duty of a sunlight hates him is to clear the plenty of a time as he had a time until known however clever Meenakshi through her hearing into the sky which completely covered the Sun making the draught sleep until that afternoon the Gov admitted his defeat and burned himself to ashes this is why structure of a thousand pillar Hall as a 985 pillars instead of a thousand the fluid on the end hit temple is covered by neatly cut rectangular rocks these rocks are mostly playing divide of any carvings if you tap on these rocks it does not sound hollow but every second number of rocks there are square rocks with the Lotus car on them.

meenakshi amman.

if you talk on these Lotus rocks they sound hollow this suppose the theory that there are a hidden hundreds of structures in the mother a meenakshi amman temple these lotus rocks could be secret gateways into underground passages or cellars it is well documented, that most Indian Kings had secret escape routes and hidden treasures underground austere Shakthi mandala built by the two wives of King Emily nayaka, it is dedicated to the eight forms. of a Shakti.

which is a feminine power these eight forms are sculpted on the eight pillars of the hall the life history of a meenakshi is painted on the ceilings of this hall lord indra once committed a terrible sin he had to do a major penance to redeem himself he came to madurai and decided to worship Lord Shiva by offering thousand lotuses he was able to block 999 lotus from the late but he couldn’t find a one more Lotus heartbroken Indra where I cried to Lord Shiva he a golden lotus bloomed from the center of the pond and Indra was able to redeem himself from his sin that’s why the temple tank is called for charmer a coelom bones means gold Pomeranian Lotus. this is my India I love and tamilnadu India.

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