Paytm downloads are decreasing day by day.

Paytm downloads are decreasing day by day.

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Average daily downloads for the ‘Paytm’ app on the Google Play Store fell to 1.4 lakh last week, according to data from market research firm ‘Apptwick’.

The RBI had recently banned Paytm Payments Bank from accepting deposits after February 29.

It also said that its customers will be allowed to withdraw or use balances in Savings Bank Accounts, Business Accounts, Prepaid Devices etc. without any restrictions as long as they have balance.

Renamed Paytm

Paytm E-Commerce has rebranded as ‘Buy Platforms’.  Also, ONTC has acquired the network’s business platform ‘Bitsila’.


After this, Paytm app downloads have decreased, according to a study by Optwick.  In this regard, it is further informed that,

Between January 24 and 31, the average daily downloads for the Paytm app on the Google Play Store stood at 2.4 lakh.

However, during the period from 1st to 7th of this month, the daily average downloads of the Paytm app fell to 1.4 lakh.

On the other hand, the daily average downloads of company app ‘Bonpay’, operating in the same segment, increased from 4.4 lakh to 5.5 lakh during the assessment period.

Daily Average Downloads (Feb., 1 – 7)

Pohnpe… Apple..24,700.

Google Play..5,51,000.

Pim…Apple..5,700. Google.. Play..3,60,000

Google Pay..Apple… 25,400.

Google Play…1,93,000

Paytm.. Apple..8,500.

Google Play..1,44,000.

Mobiquik.. Google Play…44,500


(Source: Optwick)

App downloads.. paytm

Similarly, ‘Bim’ app has 3.6 lakh, Google Pay almost two lakh and ‘Mobigavik’ has 45,000 thousand daily downloads.

On the Apple Play Store, the Paytm app saw just under 8,000 thousand downloads, compared to 25,000 downloads for the PayPay and Google Pay apps.

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