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i would like to talk about seo link building many media companies wonder how to manage a successful seo business,

search engine optimization is changing all the time it’s not about seo is getting harder it’s all about how you manage your staff and flow work among them those of you who are older may have remember,

right link building seo strategies

back in 2012 the entire search google search algorithm got changed, which put many seo companies out of business because these companies seo methods which were based on black additional strategies are stopped working, so if you do the job right and apply the right link building seo strategies your company.

will be safe from going bankrupt link building is not hard but it requires a lot of time and commitment in order to begin to build links and truly generate backlinks you have to provide value either to the readers to content creators and search engine users so how do you do that it’s a number game really i’ve been doing this since 2008 so i’m telling you there’s several ways to build links to your website it doesn’t matter what niche you are you have to focus on your own niche.

if you are doing online clothing you’re selling shoes you’re you you’re running a travel dental clinic or used car dealership the whole point is to create content that is useful for your audience but there is writing new content to publish on another website,

writing new content to publish on another website,

which we call guest blogging or getting websites to insert your links on existing content which is called niche edits there are endless ways to get links pointing to your website so there are many strategies you could use first of all make sure that you have a proper on page on optimization so using the right heading tag is important having the primary keywords in the right place and creating a catchy and optimized title tag and meta description it’s like writing an ad the for your ppc campaign so try to write the right peach in order to catch the attention of your prospected audience trying to create unique own content,

that has a unique angle because google hates not just google any other search engines yonder baidu all other search and there are so many search engines out there they hate duplicated content so you have to put the effort to create content, that provides a different edge you’re providing something better and more valuable to your audience.

so write a unique content that your users prospects are searching for some elements you may want to include in your contents are more actionable information check out search on google. see what kind of trend is is going on related to your niche images and screenshots use images and screenshots related to your article and embed relevant videos or you can create a nice presentation.

about an issue that you can solve or just informative article about your niche create a serp based outline because it’s based on science and research not guess work something analytics for example how to sell the right product and provide some analytical uh research um numbers in terms of how you were able to sell that product if a page is ranking, high on google for a particular keyword.

it means they’re actually doing something right identify the main headers that are common in all the results on the serp this also helps different contributors from your team throughout the content,

creation process to distinguish the most important elements from the completed research including strategic elements such as url structure and aspects related to content like alt tags and subheadings there is a technique which is called the skyscraper technique and it’s um you find some content, for example what is trending and you create content around it for example um you can rank more than 800 organic keywords and see how many visitors you get and um it is also important to leverage the link building community because you are able to increase the organic traffic and total number of unique referring sites, also you you may be able to rank your keywords in local search engines try to reach out to content writers i don’t call them journalists are busy today they have so many things to write about they don’t have time to i mean real journalists but there are if you are able to reach out a real journalist then be my guest go ahead if you can if you have money and or you have a newsworthy, topic so there are many content writers online who are doing very well and post articles on websites such as forbes half posts and so on but they’re too expensive.

so if you if you have money to pay to a journalist who’s working there actually they get if they get caught then they will be fired so there are a lot of um negotiations going on on freelance websites in order to publish an article, on forbes or uh half post or uh entrepreneur and so many high-ranked websites.

online but the if the editors find out about it your money is gone so if you have connection something you may think about but if you don’t have connection and people charge you for 2500 us dollars to publish your article, on half post, if that person who is publishing your article gets caught then your money is gone that person is fired or the connection with that person will be um disconnected so don’t do that don’t pay try to do everything.

organically because it’s very important that you you do it for example the right way in order to not lose money you know reaching out to various specific journals, has been instrumental in searching securing large placements you know sites like business insider the kitchen and the others what you should do is to reach out to a blogger who is also a journalist and secure uh to publish secure your publishing aspects of articles on those websites.

but it’sit’s very tricky so don’t listen to whatever people say online and don’t risk your hard earned money on paying top dollar to this website. just find the right people you can start for example from linkedin searching for um journalists and reach out some journalists are doing very well so you can on and write quality articles, when they find out that you have the right information they will reach out to you and um you can also use backlink exchanges strategy.

for this strategy to work you need to have access to another websites that have over 70dr domain authority and trust follow and exchange link with them if they agree but just one thing you need to pay attention to that link exchange was a trend a few years ago, still you still you can use this link external strategy but every few years google bans certain strategies, and call them black hat seo it could have been white hat a few years ago but not anymore but you may you may want to use it so it’s one of the link building strategy but i highly doubt that it is called um link exchanges called white hat seo but you may may want to do a manual outreach as well but try to do it within your niche if you are selling shoes then you have to reach out to those websites.

shopping websites that are engaged with the same niche and do the link exchange but you have to have something important for them to in order for them to want to exchange links with you your website but there are some aspects of linking building is very important such as incoming outgoing link ratio a strong backlink profile organic traffic to host website, and the type of keywords that the website is ranking forso try to grow your backlinks in a healthy way by choosing well trusted websites with high domain authority so that your your website doesn’t risk any google penalty because high quality backlinks need high quality content.

so don’t just scroll your backlinks um through linking to whatever websites and also diversify your backlink profile it’s not just content but rss feeds. there are so many strategies, um images um pdf publishing because this um makes your page which you are links to more powerful in terms of having a backlink profile it’s very important, to produce well-written articles for other websites as well guest blogging still works the catches to increase the quality of work so if you put yourself in the shoes of the receiver you will understand that how important it is to create a quality backlinks for your website another strategy is to create industrial statistics create a hub of the most relevant statistics in your industry and especially if you are selling sas um software and app so you would need a data driven and using some sources that proves some facts about your niche using this public link building tactic helps you to rank for for a number of keyboards and earn because people will and they will link back to your article and they give more authority to your article and this is how you will be able to get higher backlinks uh and traffic of course. thanks for reading guys share please.

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