Share market, Special trades that ended in collapse.

Share market, Special trades that ended in collapse.

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Special trades that ended in collapse,
It was first announced that the special trading would be open for part time on Saturdays and then the market would be held in full as usual in order to conduct a test to deal with the calamity period.

The market, which initially showed a bit of green, ended up red in the trade decline. FMGC, and IT sector stocks were mostly sold.’ It was the main reason for the market crash

At the end of the week, even as US stock markets ended higher, domestic markets fell without any repercussions.

Traders sold stocks in the IT sector and FMCG sector with a view to ‘profit booking’.

As for private banks, certain bank stocks were overbought. After the recent correction in these stocks, traders came forward to buy some of them. That too, they bought only a select few bank stocks. Financial services company stocks, like bank stocks, were partly bought by traders

As the company’s quarterly results are coming in, HUL and Reliance shares are out. There was a bit of pressure to face

In the Mumbai Stock Exchange, ‘Reliance
Industries’ shares fell by 0.80 percent. In the third quarter ended last December, the company’s net profit was 9
It has seen a growth of per cent

Similarly, shares of ‘Hindustan Unilever’ saw a price decline of 1.08 percent
Following foreign investors
They are selling shares. Past
It was reported that shares worth Rs 3,690 crore were sold on Friday.

On the BSE, a total of 3,908 shares of the company were traded, of which 2,062 shares were traded in profit. 1,752 stocks witnessed price declines. 94 No change has occurred in company shares.

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