Take beetroot juice and mix it with honey to cure ulcers.

Take beetroot juice and mix it with honey to cure ulcers.

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Vegetarian foods are more nutritious than non-vegetarian foods, so let’s take a look at beetroot in a vegetarian diet today.

What are the benefits of beetroot

The cause of gray hair is deficiency of vitamin K. Beetroot is rich in Vitamin K.

Add beetroot regularly to your diet and eat it young

A compound prepared from beetroot relieves constipation and cures anemia. Cucumber juice mixed with beetroot juice will cleanse the kidneys and gall bladder.

Beetroot juice to avoid chapped lips
Acts like medicine.

If beetroot is added to the diet too often, kidney
Prevents the formation of stones.

Constipation and hemorrhoids for several months. If the sufferers mix beetroot juice with water and drink half a tumbler at night before going to bed, the disease will be cured.

Mix a little glycerine, pure honey and five drops of lime oil in beetroot juice, dab it on the lips.
Take it together. Lips will turn dark in a week.

Applying beetroot juice on the burn will heal the wound quickly without blistering.

The iron in beetroot helps in the formation of new blood cells.

For itching and irritation on the skin, mix two parts of beetroot juice and one part of water to get rid of the problem. Chop the beetroot and eat it raw, dipped in lemon juice, red blood cells

Peel the skin of beetroot, chop it into powder and grind it into a paste in a mixer, mix two teaspoons of coconut oil and apply it on your face, hands and feet, soak it for an hour and then wash it off, the skin will glow.

Mix vinegar with beetroot boiled water and apply it on rashes, dandruff and unhealed sores.

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