Ten rules of Japanese ikiga for a long and happy life

Ten rules of Japanese ikigai for a long and happy life

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Ten rules of Japanese ikiga for a long and happy life, Ikkigai’ by Hector Garcia and Francis Miralas; One of the most popular books is the Japanese secret to a long and happy life. Ikigai means the joy of always being PC.

What is the Japanese formula for happiness ikigai

It revolves around the main goal of human life. The essence of this book is that finding one’s right ikigai makes life more meaningful.

A Japanese proverb says, ‘Always being active is the secret to living a hundred years.’ This book encourages people to always immerse themselves in this world.

What are the 10 golden rules of ikigai

1. Always be active:

Don’t retire! The longest living people in this world, 80 to 90 years old, do not retire from their jobs. Janey Pence, a centenarian, works at an art supply store in Ohio. His 100th birthday wish was to keep working.

2. Taking nothing for granted:

Rushing and doing anything in haste is bad for health. It also affects the mind. So, take any action calmly. The second rule is that it will give your life a lot of meaning

3. Don’t overeat:

Never fill the plate full of food. Only eighty percent of it is enough food. Even a small snack eaten after a meal is not good. It gives happiness for a limited amount of time. But they say that if you don’t eat it, it will prolong your life.

4. Being surrounded by good friends:

Hardword research suggests that having a good circle of friends increases happiness and longevity. Hundred-year-old Okinawans engage in fun games with friends and neighbors in their own village.

5. Exercise:

Exercise is very important to live a long life. No need to do strenuous exercises. But even very old Japanese do the five-minute Radio Daiso exercise every day.

6. Smile:

Smiling at the ordinary people and people around us that we admire every day is a great spiritual boost.

7. Being in touch with nature:

Even if you live in a big city, take a short walk every day to breathe in the fresh air. Spending time with nature can boost your energy and memory. Promote activities.

8. Feeling of Gratitude:

Always give thanks to your loving family and wonderful friends and yourself. The eighth rule is to be grateful.

9. Living in the moment:

Live in the present moment instead of lamenting the past life that is over and leaving behind the fears of the future. Live today to the fullest.

10. Follow this link:

Find out what your goal is and work towards it. Make this your life’s goal and experience a lot of happiness.

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