Top heart shaped islands in the world

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some islands are small others a big some are populated others are not but regardless of size or population one thing certain is that each island.has its own unique shape, I am going to share with you ten islands with amazing shape.

Island, this boomerang Spratly Island.

Island, this boomerang, at all is part of Spratly Island located in the middle of South China Sea it can be spotted on a flight from Manila to Kuala lumper, it is reported that these islands are abundant in gas and oil deposits and several countries including China Vietnam Malaysia and the Philippines claim ownership.

pod for Thailand’s the bottle is a chain of 75 islands in Maldives of which 13 are inhabited with a population of around 11,000 inhabitants the adult in recognised by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve and receives around 350,000 tourists annually, aerial view of the atoll reveals an astonishing polka-dot formation.

penis shaped island located just off vanye leave you in Fiji the island of Madeira is a tropical paradise that looks like a giant penis the island features stunning white beaches surfing spots a beachfront clubhouse and a hilltop restaurant and bar with a 360 degree view of the island currently several lots are for sale at a low price of one hundred and twenty two thousand dollars.

seahorse island is a blur island is a larger Thailand on the Galapagos with an area of four thousand six forty square, kilometers. it was named after Queen Isabella of Spain about 1,800 people live on isabella with a majority of residents living in the court town of Villa, mil the island is shaped like a sea horse.

crescent moon located in Molokini is a partially submerged volcanic crater that houses a lush we would excellent ability as deep as 150 feet hence it is a popular tourist destination, for scuba diving and snorkeling its crescent shape protects divers from waves and the channels, powerful current due to its popularity the Hawaii State Division of boating and Recreation established mooring buoys. and pain with mooring need to protect it against damage.

from dropped anchors this has led many water sport guides to lament that overcrowding has made the experience less attractive.dolphin island also known as gallon the sinuses are an archipelago of little islands off the amalfi coast of italy its name is a reference to the mythological siren said to have lived that several sirens were said to have inhabited the island.

the most famous of whom were part no mucosa and liger these sirens were depicted as having bodies of a bird and human heads but the Medi legal interpretations of the story depicted them as mermaids number four smiley face island, the Tunku Abdul Rahman national park is a group of five island located between three and eight kilometers off Kota Kinabalu and Faber Malaysia exposed sandstone.

outcrops still feature the coast of most of these islands forming cliff cave honeycombs and deep crevices along the shore of the five islands three seem to form a smiley face these are the more music to lug and manukan island, stingray island apple island is a Danish island in the kattegat of hue north coast the island is connected to ed lehem via a 1.5 kilometers sand bar called braid this sandbar is periodically, submerged by up to half a meter of water walking on a sandbar will take about 45 minutes with the sandbar exposed the island looks like a stingray.

Pizza shaped Island the islet of vila franca do cancel in portugal is formed by the crater of an old underwater volcano and is classified as a nature reserve the walls of the crater aligned by endemic vegetation while inside there is an almost perfectly circular natural lake from above the islet looks like a slice of pizza.

Hart island gales in check island is a small uninhabited island located on the Croatia this island caused a stir when google fuses realized that the island looked like a clumsily scrawled heart since then it has been christened as the iron of love lovers islands love islands and other colorful name although the island does not offer any natural attractions it is currently one of the most favored destinations, on the planet by couples who are on honeymoon or young men wanting to propose to their girlfriends the island has an aura a charm which is almost magical and there are ten islands with amazing shapes. if you have enjoyed island wonderful day.

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