Top news, sbi debit cards maintenance fee increase

Top news, sbi debit cards maintenance fee increase

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Mumbai Stock Exchange to introduce sbi debit cards maintenance fee increase, and same-day settlement from today.

Increase in Indians going to Australia

MUMBAI: In January this year, the number of Indian tourists to Australia has increased by 6 percent, according to the Department of Tourism Australia.

He further said:

The arrival of Indians, which was at the 7th position in 2019, has moved up to the 5th position in January this year.

Last January, 26,200 Indians traveled to Australia.  Last year in 2019, 24,700 people traveled in the same month.  This is a growth of 6.07 percent.  The number of Indians who visited Australia from February 2023 to January 2024 was 4.02 lakh. 

The number of flights connecting New Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai has increased from eight in 2019 to 28 flights per week at present.

We expect the same momentum to continue in the current year as well.  This is stated.

sbi debit card fee hike

SBI Debit Cards Maintenance Charges Increase

New Delhi, SBI has hiked the annual maintenance charges for its debit cards from April 1.

According to the website of State Bank of India, the annual maintenance fee for ‘Classic, Silver, Global and Con-Doctorless’ debit cards will be increased from 1st April.  According to this, it seems that these cards will be charged Rs 75 more than the existing charges.

Similarly, the annual maintenance fee of ‘YUA, Gold, Combo, Platinum and Bright Premium Business’ debit cards is also going to be increased from 1st.

Same day settlement introduced from today

The New Delhi, Mumbai and National Stock Exchanges are starting today on an optional basis to get cash on the same day of trading for selected stocks only.  As per the current practice the money can be received only on the next day of trading.

Initially, this opportunity is offered only to 25 specific company stocks and to a limited number of brokers.  These 25 companies include SBI, Bajaj Auto, Vedanta, Hindalco Industries, Tata Communications, Nestlé India.

In this case, this activity will reduce the cost and time of the business;  Bring transparency in fees to investors;  Market analysts say it will also help strengthen risk management in equity markets.  It also significantly reduces transaction risks and provides immediate value of investment to traders and investors, they said.

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