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Some exercises can be hard on your knees and ankles if you are not right. There are forms of exercise that will give you the best cardio and muscle work without putting too much trauma to your joints. Of those, cycling and swimming are the best, giving the most effort.

low impact exercise

Many municipal swimming pools offer exercise time. Includes some water fitness classes and allotted times for lap swimming. Spending time playing on the lake or in the pool is still exercise, but a focused regime will give you the best cardio workout and muscle strengthening.


Cycling has always been a popular pastime. Bicycle technology has come a long way over the past several years. You have a combination of street riding, trail riding or both with special machines designed for your particular style of riding.

Cycling for fitness is an excellent low impact, high income activity with a big fun factor. Whether you are flying through the trees on a winding bush path or riding the streets of your city, cycling will give you many hours of pleasure.

However, as a cyclist, you need to know the traffic and cycling regulations in your area. Safety and security equipment is always a good investment.

In the rain or sun, get on your bike and ride. The smile on your face and the freshness in your lungs will be your reward.

Exercise is always good for you, but if you’re going to have trouble doing that job, why not make sure your body gets the greatest benefit from your effort.

Here are some recommended foods to add to your diet:


starting with first Water

0 calories

Drink eight 8-ounce glasses a day

• Green tea tea

2 calories per cup

Drink 1-3 cups a day

• Paul

118 calories per cup

Get 3 dimensional dairy products a day


154 calories per cup

Get 3 dimensional dairy products a day


41 calories per half cup

Eat 1-2 cups per week


83 calories per cup

Eat 4 times a week


31 calories per cup

Serve 2-3 half cups per week


7 calories per cup

Eat 2-3 servings per week


300 calories per cup

Eat 2 dimensions per week

Sweet potatoes

100 calories in one pill. Potatoes

Eat 1 per week


82 calories per 1/2-ounce serving

Eat 3 dimensions per week

Black beans

227 calories per cup

Eat 2 Dimensions Per Week,

Whole wheat bread

140 calories for 2 pieces

Eat 6 pieces a week


74 calories in one large egg

Eat 3-7 eggs per week

. Chicken

100 g

Eat 239 calories per week

In winter it is impossible to walk.


There are many places across the country where walking for fitness can be a little challenging. Severe weather will cool your choice like the wind. If this is similar to your thoughts and you believe you should wait until spring to enjoy a brisk walk, think again.

You have the option to go to your local indoor shopping mall and walk around inside. This is not a shopping trip or a window shopping trip. This is a warm place for your walk.

Many indoor shopping malls have walking groups that make use of their facilities. Check out the admin office at your favorite mall and see what they have to offer. These groups often gather in the morning before the mall stores officially open for business. Hikers usually have a window to use the halls without having to fight their way through heavy traffic jams.

Many of these groups will meet after a period of walking to the food court for some social time. This is a great way to get the exercise you want and make some new friends with common interests.

The pleasures of cross training.

Cross training or round training has a broad definition depending on the application. Essentially, cross-training refers to one type of training that seeks to maximize results through another exercise in the same job. Maximum benefits can be achieved with high intensity, but low impact procedures, and can be adapted to indoor or outdoor environments.

Depending on the weather in my area, most of my cross training is done at the gym. The beauty of cross-training is the ability to adapt the plan to an individual’s needs and fitness level and can significantly increase as your fitness level improves.

Generally, my routine lasts one hour and forty-five minutes five days a week, including warm-up and cool-down. Do not expect to be able to do this when you start a project. Your coach will not allow you to start in this position anyway.

My interior routine combines time, weight machines and steps.

Next to each weight machine is a box built in three steps (these were made in the gym when I started the project and are now used by many hosts of the facility). Aim for forty-five seconds to a station.

The warm-up consists of a stair climbing machine or stationary bike and lasts about fifteen minutes. Its purpose is to increase the heart rate and fill the lungs with oxygen.

Next I will start with the first weighing machine. The timer is running at this time. The timer has red and green lights. The green will be on for forty-five seconds, after which it will turn red for ten seconds to set up the next station, then return to green and so on. These times are set, so anyone can join the circuit anytime, anywhere.

Starting the routine involves forty-five seconds on the first computer. The goal is to push as much weight as you can, as fast as you can, for a period of forty-five seconds. Over time in a particular machine, you try to reach the maximum number of reps under load.

From there I go to the first steps. The aim here is to quickly ascend and descend the stairs for forty-five seconds, while maintaining the right foot and downward space. This should be done evenly and to avoid significant impact on the knees and ankles.

From there, I move on to the next muscle group and the next machine to do more. Considering the number of machines in my gym, I have to go round twice a day to maintain my routine.

Cool-down after a workout is important and should not be avoided. If you are on a tight schedule, shorten the workout, not Cool Down. While Cool-Down slows your heart rate to a manageable pace, stretch as many muscle groups as possible to prevent injury. Always remember your chocolate milk when you get in your car.

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