Some things we should not do are harmful to Health..!

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Do we take the food we eat properly, or do we eat properly at the right time, are we not able to eat properly due to work or what should not be done after eating.. Let’s see about some things that are harmful to your health..

What are the things we should not do after eating?

Do not lie down after first eating. Going to bed at least three hours after a meal will help with the healthiest digestion.

(Going to sleep immediately after eating is bad for digestion and is the first step to discomfort)

Do not drink coffee, tea, fruit juice, cool drinks after eating. Just add fresh water.

(It prevents digestion and causes indigestion. It affects the absorption of the nutrients of the food by the stomach, and drinking water after a meal loses its character.)

Do not do yoga, exercise, sports after eating.

(immediate hindrance to the digestive function of the stomach)

Do not take bath after eating.

(causes digestive disturbances in the intestines)

Do not smoke at all.

(Never before, never after, never)

A stimulant drink should not be given after a meal in the OC. (Before food?.. Don’t get excited by hearing that)

Depending on the nature of the food eaten, it can produce toxicity)
Avoid eating fruits other than banana and papaya.

Additional load for digestion, less luggage, more comfort

Do not eat raw vegetables after meals.

causes digestive instability and gastric problems)

Do not eat curd and buttermilk after fish meal.

Yogurt plus fish can cause skin related allergies,

Who would ask if you shouldn’t eat ice cream after a meal, it’s the only thing that makes you compete with the kids..)

Ice cream is a close friend to obesity, a brother who lost one.

Do not put white sugar in your mouth immediately after eating, no matter how salty it is. Country sugar is ok to some extent..

The chemical effect of direct white sugar flavoring on the nature of the food eaten can harm other body glands along with the acid secreted by the stomach for digestion..

Other foods to avoid at dinner

Eating easily digestible food at night can keep our digestive organs healthy and protect us from indigestion, acidity and constipation problems. Foods to be avoided at night are tomatoes, ice cream, green tea, cheese, fried food, oranges, grapes, dry fruits, pizza, chocolate, etc. as they control sleep and can be consumed during the day.

Eating cloves at night reduces stress and helps you sleep better. It also protects the teeth from decay and prevents toothache. And the metabolic rate increases. Weight will come off easily. Blood pressure is also under control. Problems like constipation, gas and indigestion will decrease. Clove helps prevent acne and relieves sore throat.

Just chew two cloves and drink warm water after eating, it will act as an excellent antibiotics

We have seen what not to eat after eating,For a change, let’s see what we can eat before eating

If we drink a small glass of unheated plain water ten minutes before eating, our body’s alimentary canal will function smoothly. It is better not to drink water during meals.

Drinking a small tumbler of hot water after a meal like tea does not cause any digestive problems. Indigestion is not uncommon. Thanks for reading..please share friend family..

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