What happened at last Fed meeting?

What happened at last US Fed meeting

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The stock market was buoyed by the report from the last US Fed meeting, In the US, the ‘minutes’ of the last federal meeting are published. Inflation is clearly coming down. Therefore, all the members have suggested not to increase the interest rate again. There has been agreement that the interest rate can be reduced up to 0.75 percent.

But, as the market wanted, it is not going to start from March itself. It is going to happen at the end of the year. All this has given some reassurance and hope to global markets. Our stock markets were also buoyed by this

The market was cheered by the fact that the number of borrowers and loan volume in our banks has increased. In particular, real estate stocks made good gains on reports of heavy borrowing in the real estate sector.

India Ratings and Research, which earlier predicted India’s growth at 6.20 per cent for the current financial year, has now raised it to 6.70 per cent.

The Asia Pacific region will see good growth in 2024, with India expected to grow by 5 percent. Another research firm ‘Pitch Ratings’ reported.

Industry and Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal said that despite various problems in the international economy, this financial year, we will do the same as we did in the last financial year.

Despite the various impacts across the world, whatever challenges India faces, politically; External Affairs Minister Jaishankar said that it has the ability to cope economically as well

Rural demand will pick up in 2024 as inflation eases and rural savings pick up again post-coronavirus, a private report said.

At the end of trading hours, retail trade. Power, banks, capital goods, healthcare, oil and gas sectors gained.

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